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Published on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The secret to safe PASSWORDS

Here is a simple tip for a secure password that is: 

... different for every site or app!
... secure - no dictionary crack could ever find them!
... easy to remember!  You never have to write them down.

And no matter how many different passwords you need, you'll never forget a single one.

2 simple steps.

First - create a 'seed' word that has special meaning to you.  It could be the name of a friend, your hometown, your favorite team, or any word that you will never forget.

It has to be at least 6 letters. Here is an example:


Now change one of the letters to a number, and another to a special character.  For example:

   dolphins becomes          dolph1n$      
   (change the i to a 1 and s to an $)
Once you start using this seed word for everything - it will be natural to quickly type it.

Second -  For each site requiring a password, add a unique ending - a different capital letter or two to the end of the seed.

For example, my seed is dolph1n$  so,

For Regions Bank - use      dolph1n$RB

For Facebook - use         dolph1n$FB

For Amazon - use      dolph1n$A     and so on...

Now, all my passwords are very secure.
They all have at least one letter, one number, one upper case, and a special character.
I never user the same password twice.
Because I use it for everything, I never forget my 'seed' word.
If I use 'save my password' on sites and have to get a new phone or computer, it's easy to figure out any password.
I sleep better at night.

Once you begin using this strategy, you won't believe how easy it is.
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Author: John Kepko

Categories: Security