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Coastal CMS - 2019 Wrap Up

2019 Was a significant year for Coastal CMS.

2019 was a return to growth year for our company.  After a few years of heavy commitments to the USAF, we returned to our core business of finding and supporting new small business and non-profit clients.  There were many significant changes in the digital world significant to small business during 2019.  This resulted in an upgrade of our core content management system (CMS) and new services.  During the last quarter of 2019 we began deployment with existing clients and have plans to complete all client upgrades by the end of the first quarter of 2020.  We look forward to a great 2020, with new clients, new services, and continuing parternership successes.  

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Coastal CMS - 2016 wrap up

Coastal CMS had a special year in 2016.  We won a very large contract with the United States Air Force.  With that, we temporarily stopped accepting new partner clients so that we continue to provide a high level of service.  We are proud to have contributed to the training and education of new Air Force Airman and appreciate the opportunity to, once again, work with the United States military. 

2016 also saw the tipping point for mobile access to the web.  As of 1 January, we no longer have any clients who
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